There could be a group of people at your school who write fanfics about you and your friend and you’d never even know it


"I want a comic where everyone is queer without explanation" did u mean young avengers??

And of course Loki is a genderqueer shapeshifter and I’m pretty sure there’s a part where Noh Varr says he’s been with boys but I can’t find it.

Basically everyone in YA is queer. Everyone.

Never have I wanted something so much in my life! It has gay and lesbian ships like actual ships that become canon and it’s an official comic book and it as a little Loki and…. It’s just to beautiful I can’t handle it!

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(Mod, Im a little confused. you said Wade would eventualy get cancer but isnt that slightly impossible? The only reason the expirament didnt work in the first place is because he had cancer so can you explain what happened? Please?)
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(( Wade was sold to the X-program against his will in the first place by his father for the extra cash when he was four. He went through the program and it actually worked besides the intense scarring he started to see. When Wade was at age six Logan broke in to facility in the middle of testing and saved Wade, taking him back to his dad. So the testing in incomplete in the first place. And discovering he wasn’t going to get the money was what got Wade’s dad in the rage in the first place. A little under ten years later (at 16), Wade will try and remove his mutation. Which will not only not work, but it will send his healing factor into remission just long enough ( about a year at age 17) for him to get the cancer before bringing it back.( Ending at 18)  ))

Okaaaaaaay this is sad and now I’m crying….. Right in the feels

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"Admitting you ship gay ships to a non fangirl friend.... Is a lot like coming out of the closet" Uh, no????? Not at all???? Please do not?????? Have you ever even had to actually come out to someone????? It is nothing like this?????
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I’m very sorry for upsetting you about this. I Really am. I didn’t think that it might have been offensive or make anyone angry. If I knew it was bad I would have never even thought of it. So I am so very sorry and if you don’t accept my apology then that’s okay you do what you want.

Admitting you ship gay ships to a non fangirl friend.... 





Is a lot like coming out of the closet


Do you ever find a post that was so obviously written by someone who has never had to come out of the closet ever in their entire lives?

The coming out process is so emotionally…

Thank you^^

Okay I can see this one post is starting to piss a lot of people off and for that I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset or offend anyone and I didn’t think at the time it could. I don’t like being the cause for anyone’s anger so if I offended or made anyone angry from this post I deeply apologize….

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OTP Feels


Can I cry now?…. Well, too late I’m already sobbing!

I would just love to see a homophobic person watch hetalia and see H.R.E. & chibitalia then start shipping it thinking that Italy is a girl but then realize Italy is a boy and make a face like
…awwwwww shiiiiiiiiit…

So I just had the biggest epiphany!

I was looking at PruCan fan art when I realized something. Canada has violet eyes and Prussia has white hair…. Now think about that. Who do we know and love from hetalia who sounds just like that?…. And then that’s when I realized HOLY MOTHER OF ALL CREATION AND OTHER SHIT RUSSIA IS THE SPAWN OF PRUCAN! It makes so much sense though because Russia looks really similar to Prussia and he is so lonely and cute like Canada! So I told my friends and they said,
“that’s not possible because they are both guys.”
so I say,
“It’s possible with the help of England’s magic.”
Then my boyfriend says,
“That explains why Russia can’t be harmed by England’s magic.”
(I attack hugged him after he said that) BUT WHY IS THIS ALL MAKING SO MUCH SENSE?! Oh my god I now solely believe that Russia is the spawn of PruCan and nothing anyone can say can convince me otherwise.

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Can’t we just talk about this??

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What happens when I look up fan art of my spn ships

Looks up samifer - gets sabriel
Looks up sabriel - gets destiel
Looks up destiel - gets wincest